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At Swaim’s Vet Clinic & Supply we provide quality care at a reasonable price. We are pet owners too, and understand how expensive it can be to own a pet. That is why we work hard to keep costs down, without sacrificing quality!


Quality Care

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Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment are important to the care we provide, but that is only part of our story. You and your pet will be treated with compassion, and professionalism, which are critical to the friendship we hope to build with you.

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We treat your pet as if they were our own

Swaim's Vet Clinic & Supply

Swaim's Vet Clinic & Supply provides Oklahoma City's pets with the highest level of veterinary care and customer service. We strive to provide the finest and most compassionate care for each and every patient, often exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Products & Services

affordable, compassionate, preventative same-day care.

Exams & Vaccinations

Complete physical examinations
& vaccinations

75-80% of pets can avoid illness or emergency procedures with preventative maintenance. Swaim’s Vet Clinic & Supply recommends having your pet examined at least once a year to help your pets live longer, happier lives and for early detection of potential health issues. Veterinarian’s note: One of the easiest ways to enjoy your dog or cat longer is to vaccinate them yearly to prevent illness. It’s easy to forget.

Laboratory Services

on-site lab & medical equipment

Tired of waiting for test results from outside laboratories? So were we. Our on-site lab serves you and your pet best by being equipped with the latest medical equipment and diagnostic tests to give you fast, accurate results.


Teeth cleaning,polishing & oral surgery

Swaim’s Vet Clinic & Supply knows the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene for your pets. We provide teeth cleaning and polishing, oral surgery and tooth extractions. Dental chews, toothbrushes, water additives and more are available to help maintain positive year-round oral hygiene for your dog and/or cat. Vet’s note: many times, your pet’s bad breath is because of poor oral hygiene: clean their teeth, fix their breath!


Accurate Diagnoses for treatment

One of the most important pieces of equipment in our clinic is our X-ray/radiology machine. It allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat medical issues.


Monitored and safe

Our facility offers the safest and most advanced veterinary anesthetics available to ensure the well-being of your pets. Heart rate and other vital signs are monitored during all surgical procedures.

Pest Prevention

Parasite, flea & heartworm prevention

Heartworm is a severe and potentially fatal condition for your pet. Our clinic recommends yearly heartworm tests and fecal exams for parasites that can cause serious health issues for your dogs and cats. Along with testing, we also stock the best products available for prevention of fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal worms.

Nutrition & weight loss

Helps your pet live longer & healthier

Nutritional recommendations and consultations are also available. Whether your pet needs a prescription diet for skin allergies, needs to shed some extra pounds or you simply want to give your pet the best food to live a happy, active life, we can help. We stock the foods that you will need to help maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet. We also carry vitamins and other health aids. Veterinarian’s note: An overweight pet has a shorter life with more health problems. A little diligence and oversight now can save you a lot of money and heartbreak later. Many pet owners are unaware their pets are overweight. Make an appointment and we can determine if your vet is overweight and what we can do to fix it.


1 In 3 Pets Will Be lost without id

This procedure is an information chip implant that is placed under the skin and can be scanned and read if your dog or cat is found. Micro-chipping greatly increases the chances of finding a missing pet.

Pet Treats, Toys & more

Vet recommended, pet approved

We carry a line of great treats, toys, collars, leashes, cages, beds and more for your cats and dogs. Come by today and check out the selection of veterinarian recommended products, like Kong Toys.

How can we help your pet

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